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Welcome to Healthy Transport

The Healthy Transport website ('THE PEP-toolbox') was developed to help policymakers and local professionals solve transport problems that affect health and the environment. In addition to tools and promising practices, it contains policy briefs on selected topics and provides access to information from relevant sources. It provides guidance on transport-related health impacts and sustainable solutions with a focus on issues such as road-traffic injuries, air pollution, noise, climate change and physical activity.

Key messages

What works? The best options for environment and health-friendly solutions.

Evidence briefings

Policy briefs on state-of-the-art knowledge on key topics such as noise and air pollution, road-traffic injuries and climate change.

Promising practices

Projects with assigned stars that indicate the magnitude of health effects, the quality of the intervention design and implementation issues. Here you can search and select (using the tags), projects on transport measures that you are interested in.

Tools & projects

Links to hand-on guidance, projects and organizations involved in transport, health and environment research.

Workshops & tutorials

Information on past and upcoming workshops and tutorials where representatives of the transport, environment and health sectors and spatial planners can interact.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.